We provide quality and unique services that meet the needs of our customers, we supply natural honey harvested in the Tanzanian environment.

  • Beekeeping

    We established hundreds of bee hives through FUNYUKI project, the farms specialized for bee products production, bee research and other beekeeping technical skills , and set up multiple branches around the country where by we are expecting to establish large farms at ,Tabora, Katavi Singida Other Regions before the end of 2025.


    Tanzania is reported to have about 9.2 bee colonies with a production potential of 138,000T of honey and 9200T of wax but only 3.5% of the potential is utilized annually (Mwakatobe and Mlinga, 2006). Against this backdrop the proposed project main objective is to leverage the technology to unleash and generate economic, environmental and social values along the honey value chain. Our main focus will be on honey, pollen and wax production. Fodder shrubs and plants plantation with a special focus on moringa, paulownia, sunflower, lavender, safflower, acacia and eucalyptus.

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